Stuck/Hot Pixels in Camera and Video Mode at Night!

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    Hi, just wanted to let everyone know that there is a problem with quite a few Arc's out there with stuck or hot pixels in the camera at night time or low light scenes, i have checked about 5 devices and all of them experience this. They are mostly white and appear after the camera is on for about 30 sec at dark environments and is also recorded on to videos and photos. I do believe that it can be fixed through software since Htc and Motorola had the same issue and they fixed it with an software update, but to do this it needs to get to their attention thus this thread, i would like to ask for help and to check out this problem for yourself and let SE know about it so they can fix it. The problem is maybe not very noticeable to most people but eventually it will become, the best way to see it is to go into a completely dark room, turn off scenes and leave to normal mode and then max the exposure and hold it for a minute (also sometimes the pixels are behind the setting bars on the left and right so be sure to hide them by swiping them back). This is the fastest way to check once you see the bright stuck pixels you will notice it on normal exposure. All devices i checked had anywhere from 1 to 4 stuck pixels and none with 0. So please help me to get SE to acknowledge this issue and fix it.
    Edit: Here is a video of an Neo with the same camera showing this problem: watch the lower right corner from 00:09 and you will see a white one (moving due to image stabilization turned on) .