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Discussion in 'Xperia mini and Xperia mini pro' started by Arup Das, May 25, 2012.

  1. Arup Das

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    I am a new android xperia mini u20i user. I have take some image by this phone. I can explore images form my phone`s album option. But I want to save this images to my pc. But when I connect my phone to pc then I can`t see the images in my files. There are lot of files but I can`t find my images from there. But I have explore all file from pc.
    I have search in my sd card also. But the images are not there.

    So, how can I take my images to pc.

    Please help me !!!!!!!
  2. Abigail111

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    I think there is something wrong when you save or take your images.I usually save my image by the following method:

    Methods to Save Document
    public static void SaveDocumentFile(REDocument document, string filePath);
    public static void SaveDocumentFile(BaseImage image, string filePath, BaseEncoder enc);
    public static void SaveDocumentFile(List<BaseImage> images, string filePath, BaseEncoder enc);
    public static void SaveDocumentFile(REDocument document, string filePath, BaseEncoder enc);
  3. smirnofred

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    When you connect your phone to your pc with the usb cable do you see a small image of your device when you open 'my computer', tagged in Portable Devices? If not then you have not installed the phones drivers fully. If you are only seeing the memory card as a hard drive, and you have to navigate to the DCIM folder you will only see blank icons as the device is not mounted correctly, due to the missing drivers not being installed.

    If your device is showing as a portable device and you still cannot see images then try changing the 'view settings' to medium, large or extra large. any other setting will not show images.

    To update your drivers you need to go to the Sony web page and get the latest PC Companion, instal that and then see if there are any updates. Hopefully this will fix the issue.

    Otherwise simply drag and drop all the picture from your SD card to a new folder and browse through them that way.