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Discussion in 'Xperia arc and Xperia arc S' started by BobbleX10, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. BobbleX10

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    Hi All, My other half has the Arc on Orange UK.
    A friend of mine has one with Vodafone UK, he received an update on his recently, to build 4.0.A......
    My other halfs phone is still on build 3....... and when checking for updates, just throws up the old chesnut of still using the latest software.

    Can anyone tell me what changes the update brings to the phone? The only one I noticed just looking at it was the screen turn off animation (now the same as GingerBread X10)

    Any info would be appreciated, just wondering if it's worth chasing Orange for the update.
  2. bombay

    bombay Member

    i am on orange with arc, there are becoming increasing slowly with updates, they have only jsut realised the update for the x10 to 2.3
    i jsut checked for update but am on the latest one, it wouldnt suprise me if orange is still a few months behind on updates.
    hope this help
  3. BobbleX10

    BobbleX10 New Member

    I have my x10 on Orange and I didn't wait for them to release the update, I'm using a stock UK generic firmware on the x10

    Will wait patiently for the update on the Arc.
  4. distributor

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  5. BobbleX10

    BobbleX10 New Member

    Can anyone tell me what is included in this update?
  6. rmj

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    hi i have xperia arc on o2uk just recieved update the build number is now 4.0.a.2.368 and with this update i revieved the following new themes five to be correct,xloud that increases the music output ,data monitor app.wisepilot navigation app,update centre app.xperia hotshots app,get games app,get applications app, the phone is alot smother in performance overall a very gd update
  7. bombay

    bombay Member

    hey guys, am on orangw and got a software up date, build ware is 3.0.1.a.0.150, no idea if it was this before, but does anyone know what i get with this update
  8. BobbleX10

    BobbleX10 New Member

    A friend of mine got the update and is now on build 4.0.......
    My other half hasn't had that update yet on Orange UK.
    As an X10 owner on Orange UK, I can tell you that you will need the patients of a saint when it comes to Orange releasing updates.
    Usually 2-4 months after SE has released them.