Upgrading to ICS without lag and bugs?

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    Hi all,

    Okay, so about 3 months ago I upgraded my Xperia Arc S from 2.3.4 to ICS using the official update from Sony-Ericsson.

    However, it was very, very laggy, the screen wasn't as responsive, and quite often a lot of my apps would stop responding (especially web browsers!), and the contact list/phone would take an infuriatingly long time to load at times (very annoying when you REALLY need to make a phone call), and would sometimes even do this when I was trying to answer a call.

    Anyway, the other day I downgraded back to 2.3.4 using these instructions: http://www.android.gs/downgrade-xperia-arc-s-to-official-gingerbread-2-3-os/

    The phone is now back to normal - no crashing, fast response, phone/contact list loads immediately, etc.

    However, obviously ICS is a better OS in terms of features and functionality. So I'd like to upgrade it again, but don't want it to be laggy, etc, as it was.

    I know there are different ways to update it using custom roms and custom kernels etc, and I'd love to do this, but I just don't know much about how to do it - which ROM, which kernel, etc? I don't know which are the best ones, and I also don't know how to go about updating to ICS using this method.

    Any instructions/advice?