Using Voice Commands with Bluetooth Headset - Some Issues

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    In order to use my Arc S whilst driving, I have a bluetooth headset. When receiving calls, it's all great, I just hit the button on my headset when a call comes through to answer and again to end the call.

    However, when I want to make a call it obviously involves having to unlock my phone (with a password), search my contacts, and hit the contact to start dialling - which, with a touch-screen whilst driving, can be very dangerous.

    So I'd quite like to use voice commands to get the phone to dial a number. I have a neat little app for this called Voice Speed Dial, which I love. The only trouble is that I can't find a way to launch the app without issues, as below:

    1) I can obviously just activate the app by hitting its icon on the handset, but this still involves unlocking my phone, putting in the password, locating the app and then hitting it, which isn't much of an improvement over searching through my contacts list - still lots of hands-on use.

    2) There's an option within the app's settings to launch it with a long press of a WIRED headset button. I have a wired headset and, when plugged in, this works. However, when I make a call it automatically gets routed through the WIRED headset and not my bluetooth headset, and I have to press a button on the screen to tranfer it to the headset (more phone touching, etc).

    3) There's an option within the app's settings to launch it with a long press of the "search button", but the Xperia Arc S doesn't have a dedicated search button.

    4) There's an option within the app's settings to launch it with a long press of the camera button, but when I activate this, the long press doesn't seem to work to launch the app, and instead just launches the camera.

    So, I'd like one of the following solutions in order of preference (or any other suggestions):

    1) Get the "long press camera button" option to work.
    2) Get an app (or another way) to remap the buttons on the phone so I can remap the camera button or something to a search button so I can launch the app with a long press of the "search button".
    3) Get the phone to automatically route calls through the bluetooth headset by default and not the wired headset, so I can use the wired headset button to launch the app without having to press the phone screen to re-route it through the bluetooth headset.