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Discussion in 'Xperia arc and Xperia arc S' started by Charl, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. Charl

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    Hello! I recently got my Xperia.arc S, it works really well so far but I have a problem when I try to play a video copied from my pc to my phone. The video itself plays fine with good quality and no lag but it says the video file is 30 sec long when it is actually over 40 min. When I copied the file from the pc I converted it to something else that was recommended, I also tried without converting it but then my phone did not recognize the file. I have also tried with a different video player but without success. Does anyone know a solution?
  2. Charl

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    I have now found a solution! I found mx video player, with it I can play the non-converted .AVI files perfectly. The only problem, the files are not detected in the gallery so I have to find them in the video players file search, however that doesn't bother me. I am writing this so anyone who has the same issue can fix it.
  3. faris

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    its actually problematic that sonyericsson has really bad support for videos, you will find only support for mpeg4 and 3gp, for the rest, use mx video or mobo player. they seem to work well.
  4. Charl

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    For anybody still on this thread, DICE player is WAY better, with it you can watch 720p video without any lag! You can also stream it via HDMI, works awesome on my 32 inch TV :)