What i want in my next xperia ARC 2

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What do you want in your next ARC?

  1. Dual Processor?

  2. 4G, LTE?

  3. AMOLED?

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  4. Conductive Charging, Camera Snap button, Avoid the norm ?

  5. one software, specs for all ARCs?

  6. Flip phone for silencing the phone

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  7. More Ram?

  8. 1080p Recording

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  9. Xenon Flash

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  10. Smart full back up

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  1. Wael F

    Wael F New Member

    I realized that there are some unwanted extra phones SE is coming up with for this year, just adding more spending to maintain support rather than invest in new tech... here are some suggestions perhaps SE might might might give it a look!
    1 - I want a cool name for the phone, ARC is better than LT15a, keep that up.
    2 - I want a dual processor, a powerful one... perhaps skip the dual processor and do a quad. who cares if its fully used or not, people look at what's more powerful rather than useful, but I must say my current ARC is lagging while the galaxy S II is just a killer machine; that thing just won't slow down, the only reason I am sticking with ARC is bc of the Xemor R Chip AWESOME PICTURES, and the curve, it is a beauty.
    3 - LTE or 4G, faster internet faster customers...
    4 - AMOLED screen, gorilla glass, perhaps weter proof? Can you imagine BRAVIA + AMOLED?
    5 - Conductive Charging. wow wire free that would be the day....
    6 - A camera button that would snap an Emergency quick picture, rather than press menu to activate the screen, unlock screen, unlock phone, go to camera or press camera button to put it in the camera mode, and then focus and take a picture... can i skip all that and just be able to hold the camera button for 2 sec and it will activate the phone in camera mode?
    7 - When i flip the phone, it goes in silent mode, when i shake it its in ringer mode
    8 - Front camera, 1080P Video, why because other phones do, why mine won't? Second place is always the First Looser.
    9 - Xenon flash, although the current LED is really good (in the current arc that is)... but thats what people want.
    10 - A way to just back the whole phone, if I loose the ARC and the insurance gets me a new one, I can just connect it to my laptop and vala, back to where I left off.
    11 - RAM RAM RAM RAM RAM, can we have more than 1 GB PLEASE, that's what slows the ARC down PLEASE MORE RAM please
    12 - Internal memory or SD card don't care as long as it's FAST
    13 - FM really? who uses FM people? who?
    14 - I just want someone to explain this to me, WHY would there be so many variations for the same phone, this frequency only works in japan, it works in USA on at&t but not T-mobile... Can we do one version of the phone that has all these frequencies, languages and what ever is different? make it easy for the people to buy... it's always so complicated ESPECIALLY when there is an update Hongkong got there update Canada 2 weeks after still nothing. but if we had one software that carried all languages what is the problem with that? i would have saved cost since its only one version mass produced, and would have saved the tech headache, do you have update 1 or not rather than oops your from Norway you have to wait... GOD just make it one for all, there all the same i c no difference except in those terrible memory eating pre-installed App's.
    15 - focus on colors, make variations there, thats kinda cool and fun
    16 - Accessories people, how many times did we discuss that we needed a charging dock for the ARC? the one that exists is pain, what about covers? look at the iphone and look at the arc what are the options? i know people are getting the iphone just for the cool covers... more BT speakers, car integration. UNTIL TODAY my phone SE won't transmit the songs info to my stereo, Samsung and Motorola do, WHY? how about a car mount? how about an office mount?
    17 - A separate button for a flash light! i use that allot.
    18 - More LED notification lights, in the arc its on the side, I liked it more in the X10, it was in the front! do like knight rider slider light in the side! wow now thats hot! especially on the curve path of the ARC.
    19 - The buttons on the arc (the side ones) have no feel to them, hope you write this down and not do the same mistake.
    20 - ill keep this one open perhaps some has an awesome idea [​IMG] ill keep editing this post if you could come up with a realistic cool suggestion! looking forward to creative ideas [​IMG]
    21 - 3D camera?