Xperia 1/5 and Xperia 10 II receive September 2020 security patches

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    [​IMG]Sony is rolling out September 2020 Android security patches for a number of devices including the Xperia 1, Xperia 5 and Xperia 10 II (Mark 2). The Xperia 1 and 5 have received an update that moves the build number to version 55.1.A.9.101, and patches from August to September 2020.

    The Xperia 10 II moves the build number to 59.0.A.8.21 and the patches from July 2020 to September 2020. There does not appear to be any other changes, but as always, if you’ve noticed anything different let us know in the comments below.

    Recent Sony Xperia firmware updates

    Xperia 10 II
    New update: 59.0.A.8.21 (Security patch: 1 September 2020)
    Old update: 59.0.A.6.24 (Security patch: 1 July 2020)

    Xperia 1 / Xperia 5
    New update: 55.1.A.9.101 (Security patch: 1 September 2020)
    Old update: 55.1.A.9.75 (Security patch: 1 August 2020)


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