Xperia Arc S broken display

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    I bought my Arc S about 2 months ago. Unfortunately I had an accident few days back. The phone starts normaly btw. The display is shattered and it looks like this:


    (bottom black field is my head)

    I called and asked how much would it cost me to get if fixed (I realy like this phone, it was a gift). They said it would be 175€ to replace the display. But if there are any mechanical parts broken too as well it would cost me 25€ for the examination and they would send it back to me for not being able to get it fixed.

    Here is one more close-up picture of my situation. There are some lines on the display shown with arrows:


    So I'm asking experts here if you can tell me wether this is a mechanical error aswell or any of your opinion would be welcome too.

    I realy hope I can get if fixed :(
    Does anyone know any good website with reasonable prices so I can perhaps order a new phone there if this one is totaly broken?

    Thank you for your help, it's much needed!

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    my screeen cracked but i have insurance and it only cost me £25 to get a replacemnet phone