Xperia ArcS(smartphone newbie) inquiries help, etc.

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    I am new here and have just got on the bandwagon and started to use a smartphone (Xperia Arc LT18). Well it's definitely different from my previous old K800i and I'd like to ask for questions from you guys who are more experienced than me. I hope also for your understanding if my questions seem to be very very newbie because as mentioned this is my first time to use a smartphone.

    So here goes:

    1. About the messaging, its per conversation and when I get a text message it's in suceession. Now how can I view all of the messages from all of those people who send me sms/mms. When I want to send a text message to a different person not in the phonebook, I click the message icon what shows is the last message I got. Is there a way to view a lis of my messages and from there use messaging..?

    2. About apps connecting to internet I'd like to restrict some apps that do not need to be connected to it's site when I use it like some freeware games. What may I ask is the best android firewall I can use with Xperia ArcS? If someone uses a firewall maybe you can share a thing or two about it please.

    Along that line I saw in the net that DroidWall and Android firewall seems to be the favorite but I see also that it needs rooting re: Attention Root Required!!!! as seen in Well thats tricky for me but from the Tips n Tricks,

    My ArcS is "Bootloader unlock allowed: Yes". Does that mean I can install Android Firewall apk upright..?

    3. Well I am not always connected to the internet when using the ArcS. I read about backing up apk files to the MicroSD card and saving it on the pc. How can I download apk files to my pc and later on install them in the ArcS..?

    4. In the manual of LT18i (userguide_EN_LT18_1253-8405.1) Taking Photos and recording videos, page 89 there is a section of "White Balance". I do not see that in the settings of my phone. I wanted to attach a photo but it seems that I can't using the On/Off button >Take screenshot. Where can I find that "Whiet Balance"..?

    5. Along that line of taking screenshots, is there a nifty app around where I can take a screenshot that can augment the one with the On/Off button..? On my desktop/laptop I have Fasstone Screen Capture and it even can take scrolling mouse shots. Not that I need a scrolling mouse shot but just an app that can take screenshots for ArcS. Is there any you use guys?

    I have the stock OS ver2.3.4 and have AVG Antivirus Pro (from an online promo) installed. My file managers are Astro File manager / File Expert.

    Please help :)

    Thanks :)