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Discussion in 'Xperia C' started by Xperia Blog, Jun 30, 2013.

  1. Xperia Blog

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    Please use this forum to discuss the Sony Xperia C (C2305, S39h) destined for China and other selected markets.

  2. Muthuganesh Ganesh

    Muthuganesh Ganesh New Member

    Yes, i love its specs
    hopefully price will be within 20k

    and please kindly clear my doubt : will this phone has facility of move apps to sd?

  3. ravi123

    ravi123 New Member

    Release date in India??????????????????
  4. Muthuganesh Ganesh

    Muthuganesh Ganesh New Member

    yes, i want to know that ;)
  5. luffy54

    luffy54 New Member

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  6. Akshay Gidh

    Akshay Gidh New Member

    Hi the xperia c is released in India. :)
    I want to know whether the virtual keys on the screen and the notification bar on the top aren't transparent as the Xperia SP gt in its firmware update ?????
    Also is the xperia C gonna get 4.4??? pls reply asap
  7. jarin20

    jarin20 New Member

    hello friend i like Sony Xperia C (C2305, S39h) I am read about its funtion and application its great .