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    Please use this forum for all discussion related to the Sony Xperia C4 and Xperia C4 Dual. The handset is the PROselfie follow-up to last years Xperia C3 and comes with a 5MP front-facing camera with 25mm wide angle lens and soft flash. Here is our write-up from the announcement post:

  2. Phani Kiran Kara

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    There is a horrible bug in the Led handling of Xperia C4 dual. If I connect the charger, then the LED color is turned on solid yellow which is as expected. But once an LED specific notification comes and after I have read it, the LED color changes to red after the message is read and stays red. It disappears after 90% + charging instead of turning green. This is irritating especially since while charging, there is no quick way to know the charge percentage. Please correct the LED behavior ASAP.
  3. avanish chandra

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    will Xperia C4 will receive Android version 5.1.1
  4. Marty_LK

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    New Xperia C4 (E5306) owner here. Completely blown away by this inexpensive device. The power of the MediaTek processor is amazing. I ran a couple benchmarks and got scores better than an HTC One M8.

    I think Sony knocked the ball out of the ballpark with this one.
  5. Kiyoshi

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    I am from the Philippines, and I have E5353.
    I want to debrand my E5353 since it is from my postpaid plan.
    And I also want to update it to 5.1 since the 5.0 is s#!++y..
  6. karyono

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    Hi all..
    Im from Indonesia.
    Di Indonesia, Xperia Care tidak menerima service produk SONY XPERIA C4 DUAL. Saya pikir ini tidak adil, dan tidak profesional.

    Apakah diantara kalian bisa membantu saya untuk melakukan servis pada handphone saya?

    Masalahnya, ketika saya upgrade sistem (tidak melalui PC COMPANION), dalam kondisi batre 100%, prosesnya selama 12 jam handphone saya mati dan tidak lagi menyala. Saya sudah mencoba melakukan perbaikan dengan software PC COMPANION, namun tidak berhasil. Yang lebih membuat saya kecewa adalah ketika saya tidak diterima di customer service. Dengan alasan bahwa handphone anda bukan produk yang di pasaran khusus di Indonesia.

    Saya tidak tahu pelayanan terbaik di Indonesia sampai sekarang.

    NATNAELT New Member

    Where should I get the decryption key??
  8. aadly

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    any one flashed sony c4 using wmshua programm how much times it takes
  9. SH-T

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    I could update my Xperia C4 Dual (( E5333 )) To v.6 (( Marshmallo ) By PC COMPANION application ....... It becomes so fast

    But i am still suffering form its lagged battery .
  10. Shoaib Ahmed

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    I am in India and want to know How to upgrade x2c4 E5363 to marshmallows, still it's in lollipop 5.1
  11. Rajdeep mondal

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    I am using Sony Xperia c4 dual number is 27.2.B.0.169....when will get my marshmallow update.. It's still lollipop 5.1
  12. azeemuddin

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    I am an Indian and now i m in malaysia and i want to know How to upgrade xperia c4 dual E5363 to marshmallows, still it's in lollipop 5.1
  13. Avinash Prabhas

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    Im facing ghost touchscreen problem in xperia c4 dual is there anyone to help for this issue.....