Xperia mini and Xperia mini pro forum now live

Discussion in 'Xperia mini and Xperia mini pro' started by Xperia Blog, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. Xperia Blog

    Xperia Blog Administrator Staff Member

    Just to let you know we have opened this new forum to discuss the upcoming 3-inch Xperia mini and Xperia mini pro smartphones.

    Please post any specific questions relating to the 2011 Xperia mini family in this forum. :)
  2. ApYh

    ApYh New Member

    Hello.. my st15i has problem where the back and menu touch screen is acting wildly. does it have hardware problems?do others have same problem?
  3. asiri

    asiri New Member

    hope 2 buy xperia mini soon.
  4. ZookEEper

    ZookEEper New Member

    Is it possible to get DRM... I mean I unlocked my bootloader lost Trackid :( n many official apps, so is there a way to get it back like official boot.img ? :)
    or CM9 is worth the wait ;)

    Xperia Mini
  5. Xperia Blog

    Xperia Blog Administrator Staff Member

    We're not sure there is a way to retrieve DRM once the bootloader has been unlocked unfortunately. :(
  6. Ravjot Singh

    Ravjot Singh New Member

    Hi guys .I bought my mini pro on september 1 or2.Is there a way for me to get the hardware fix?
  7. Krisham

    Krisham New Member

    Hi Tej & Guys,
    I am left out with only 100 MB of Internal Memory Storage in my Xperia Mini Pro.....
    1) Will performance be affected due to this
    2) Is there a way to check and clear the junk files which might be there in the internal memory...
    3) I did go through the Link2SD forum, but hesitant in doing the same....
    Would appreciate help on the same...
  8. Xperia Blog

    Xperia Blog Administrator Staff Member

    The lower the internal memory there does seem to be an effect on performance. Try our Link2SD guide - it really is very easy and will solve most of your problems.
  9. joefarnandis

    joefarnandis New Member

    Hello Tej & guys
    i hope this forum will help my problem......... as you guys already know about the xperia mini over heating and back button problem. i am also one of the victim:( of it and its striked!!!!!! two times to me........ 1 st time SE service center repaired my device by calibration and its lasted 3 months only for me now the service center taken my device to change the whole board of it. hopefully i am getting my device on on 9 th of this month as they need OH!!! 1 week to change it..... but the main question is, is there any permanent solution for this global problem from the Sony ( Ericsson) side , i have googled and found solution in XDA forum but for that i have to root my phone which will void my warranty so can we xperia mini owners will ever get solution from the Sony, Are DEVs really working to find the solution of this global problem please do reply me Tej & guys i am looking for your answer thank you in advance...................