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    Credits : Sony Mobile , AOSP, Otaupdatecenter

    * Xperia Overlay™ is an Android Firmware for xperia devices developed with
    * Sony Firmware Overlay source code rewrited by Xperia Overlay™ Dev Team
    * Sony's Firmware overlay is made by Sony Mobile Comunication,
    * Xperia Overlay™ Dev Team rewrited the Sony's Firmware Overlay and merged with AOSP
    * Acording to the privacy of the Sony Mobile Comunication's Firmware overlay
    * Xperia Overlay™ Source code is proprietary and will not be shared.
    * Xperia Overlay™ Dev Team is responcable for the Firmware Overlay and has nothink
    * to do with Device Hardware releated code, we are using existing open source code
    * Be installing this Firmware you will void your Warranty.
    * Xperia Overlay™ / Xperia Overlay™ Dev Team or Xperia Overlay™ owner are not responsible if you void your warranty

    Supported Devices

    - Xperia 2012 line :

    Xperia S
    Xperia SL
    Xperia Acro S
    Xperia ION
    Xperia T
    Xperia TL
    Xperia TX
    Xperia V

    - Xperia 2013 line :

    - Xperia SP
    - Xperia L (C2104)
    - Xperia L (C2105)
    - Xperia M (C1904)
    - Xperia M (C1905)
    - Xperia M (C2004)
    - Xperia M (C2005)


    • unlocked bootloader


    Rom : Xperia Overlay™

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    Xperia Overlay Dev Team
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