Xperia PLAY gets FIFA 12 Android timed exclusive

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    [​IMG]Sony Ericsson has announced that this year’s update of one of the most popular sports game titles, FIFA 12 will land on Android exclusively for the Xperia PLAY. As with most exclusive deals this will be for a set period only and for once the press release tells us just how long this exclusivity will last. FIFA 12 will be exclusive on Android until February 21, 2012. There are no details on when exactly the title will land, although it’s planned for the “holiday season”.
    New additions to this year’s update include a new replay system as well as more authentic commentaries and crowd chants. EA is also promising smooth 60fps video and improved gameplay depth. This is yet another piece of good news following the release of Minecraft this morning. Let’s hope many more quality titles are on the horizon for Xperia PLAY owners.

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