Xperia ray 4.0 ice cream sandwich update uk

Discussion in 'Xperia ray' started by Ellxperias, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. Ellxperias

    Ellxperias New Member

    Just plugged xperia ray in pc companion and there is a ice cream sandwich update avaliable :)
  2. Ellxperias

    Ellxperias New Member

    what a load of crap just completed the update and only on 2.3.4 not 4.0 as it said at start of update
  3. ewanzol

    ewanzol New Member

    i just plugged update not yet..
  4. andym007

    andym007 New Member

    just done mine nothing seemed to have changed gone to 2.3.4
  5. AllAboutTheCore

    AllAboutTheCore New Member

    That isn't Ice Cream Sandwich, all you've done is updated to the , currently, latest version of Gingerbread ... ICS won't be available for Xperia devices until at least the end of March.