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    We have created a forum for the recently announced Sony Xperia sola. Please post any discussions related to the Xperia sola in this forum please.

    The headline feature for this handset is its floating touch technology, enabling you to navigate your phone without touching the screen!

    The Xperia sola will come with a 1GHz dual-core ST-Ericsson NovaThor U8500 processor, Mali 400 GPU and 512MB RAM. You also get 8GB of internal storage (5GB user accessible), plus a microSD card, a 5MP camera capable of 720p video recording, NFC and a 1320mAh embedded battery. The Xperia sola will launch in Q2 2012 with Android Gingerbread and be upgraded to ICS during the same quarter. It will be available in three colours (black, white and red).
  2. imran shahzad

    imran shahzad New Member

    On second time use my sola is not booting up.When i m charging on top right a red light is on but no matter how many/long time i press power button it is not switching on.
  3. Ali

    Ali New Member

    Dear Guys,
    i updated my Sola to new software version but unfortunately wifi and GPRS didn't work :(
    if there is a solution for solve this issue please let me know.
    i am keep in touch with this email address ""
  4. otep1092

    otep1092 New Member

    plz help me ...

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  5. Xperia Blog

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    Try using FlashTool to stick some official firmware back to the phone.
  6. otep1092

    otep1092 New Member

    sir u have skype i nid assistance..

    and how to unroot.
  7. otep1092

    otep1092 New Member

    if i Relocking bootloader we i din the stock frimware.
  8. otep1092

    otep1092 New Member

    sirr wat will i do

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  9. EowynCarter

    EowynCarter New Member

    Do you still problems ? flashtool seams to hava done the job all right.
  10. Micle Arons

    Micle Arons New Member

    I want to buy a new cell phone so whitch is the better choise? xperia sola or nokia lumia 800 thank for your time.[​IMG]
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