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Discussion in 'Xperia Z Ultra' started by Xperia Blog, Jun 30, 2013.

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    Please use this forum to discuss Sony's upcoming Xperia Z Ultra (C6802, C6833, C6806, XL39h) with 6.4-inch display and Snapdragon 800 chipset.

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  2. Benyamin Yazdani

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    I've already tested this wonderful product, this is awesome.

    2.2 GHz processor is more powerful than Xperia Z. Also the best thing about this phone is you can use it with any kind of pen or pencil.
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  4. Xperia Blog

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    I hear the Note 3 should be announced at IFA - so not too long to see how it compares!
  5. Satinder Pal Singh

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    Yesterday I had the opportunity to lay my hands on Sony Xperia Z Ultra. Ha what a phone...No Tablet...Ok Phablet. Waho What a device Sony has come up with, I cannot resist owning one. Its really fast in terms of surfing the net over Wi-Fi, touch is great to feel and operate. The processor is really fast and that's what makes the difference, although its is priced bit on the higher side but still worth buying. Taking call is bit uncomfortable and I feel Smart Bluetooth® Handset SBH52 or the SBH50 should be standard accessory along with the device. Although the camera lacks flash but that did not lack the picture quality, although I have not tried taking the pictures in dark or night mode. Still this is a device that one should go for. Next please increase the RAM to 3GB. Keep up the great job SONY>>>>>>>:)
  6. thantin

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    How can I root Xperia Z Ultra? Is there a way? Please help!
  7. hoaianh2007

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    First download the necessary software [​IMG]

    1. / FlashTool-
    2. / Downloaded C6802_14.1.B.0.475_GENERIC Hong Kong.ftf
    3. / Platform-tools_r16-windows (extract to C drive)
    4. / System.img (copied to the C drive)

    * All files you will have to use google *


    Guide root when the machine was running FW14.1.B.0.475

    1. / FlashTool- windows

    2. / Copy Firmware C6802_14.1.B.0.475_GENERIC Hong Kong.ftf in C: \ FlashTool \ firmwares.

    3. / Built-in USB debugging in the Developer option

    4. / Shutdown press and hold the volume up button usb plug that lights green when it let go.

    5. / Extract the platform-tools_r16-windows, that to the best of your C: drive for easy.

    6. / Open cmd.exe (cd \ to return to the root) execute the command CD C: \ platform-tools.

    7. / From the DOS prompt, type the command fastboot.exe flash system C: \ system.img you wait a few minutes, when finished it will go back to C: \ platform-tools> you continue typing fastboot. exe then most continue the power button you can see the red charging light off and unplug USB after powering up does not do anything for you always shutdown.

    8. / Open Flashtool.exe, click on the lightning bolt just choose flashmode tick the box in section 3 of Section Exclude Wipe off otherwise marked will not be marked.
    Then click Flash a few seconds will have instructions (hold volume down shutdown usb cord to see it run FlashTool then let go).

    when finished unplug power. OK!

    On Google Play, open SuperSU SuperSU to install, upgrade binary file.
  8. Willy Dwi Saputra

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    Hi, can anyone help me how to fix 'move app to sd card' option on Sony Xperia Z ultra?
    Mine using Android 4.4.4, Firmware 14.4.A.0.108 Model C6802

    I already rooted my phone and installed apps such as 'Kitkat External SD Card Patch' and 'SD Fix' and reboot it
    But none of it works