Xperia Z5c E5823 stuck in bootloop

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    20170808150824.png Hello there,
    I am user of Z5c from last year. Own the model 5823.
    I am neither engineer, nor IT pro, do not even work myself as a telecom engineer. I wish only to downgrade from Android 7.0 (I really don't like the aspect) to 6.0 and keep it like before the updates.
    I fiddle with the Z5c depending on the things I learn from the internet. And for what I see I haven't learn enough.

    I am just about to start with a flashed ftf 6.0 but I'm missing "something" that don't know what it is.

    I have already unblocked the bootloader successfully (verified, because I try to restore it with Xperia Companion and now it gives me a nice "error", after yes having achieved it successfully a couple of days ago. I attach image).
    After that, I have installed with FlashTool an ftf 6.0 Nordic Generic (not finding a 6.0 Central Europe 1 Generic, which was the one I wanted).

    I know I am just a step before all begins to walk and everything to be OK, but after finishing the flash installation successfully updated the apps and all, returns to remain in a "loopstart", just like before unblocking the bootloader, but now I've already done it.
    I see that I still have something to do but already do not know what it is.

    Actually, I even go to 7.0 and stay there if I'd manage to recover the phone, but I really do not know how.
    Could someone help me please?

    Thank you very much.