Z ultra screen issue and bad customer service

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    Hi world, here's a perfect example of THE WORST customer service you can ever experience. I have a Sony Xperia Z Ultra and a few months ago, I started to have issues with the LCD screen as it flashes randomly. I shipped my phone into Sony repair centre on Dec 5th and the phone was received on Dec 10th. I was told that because my phone is the international version therefore it may take longer with no estimation time when it will be fixed which I'm totally fine with. I waited patiently and called back in about a month after to check the status, I was told that because I have an international version, they don't have the correct parts to replace and I have to wait for them to ship it from oversea. I waited some more until toward the end of January, called them a couple times and there were no updates still. Everytime I call them, i have to explain the situation all over again and I still get the same answer, "We have no updates on your phone status." Finally, I got a tracking number in the beginning of February, I checked with Purolator (the shipping company), it was not addressed to me, the shipment had a totally different name and address, as you can see, at this point, I'm frustrated. From the beginning of February til today, I called in numerous times. Everytime I called, I was told to check the wrong tracking number and when I told them that it is not the correct one, all I get is "I'm not too sure what happened, I need to escalate this issue." After countless time of contacting Sony customer service, I finally managed to get a direct email from a so called supervisor, Kevin, asking me to call back. Within 10 mins receiving the email, I went onto online chat because I don't have a working phone, I requested to communicate through online chat or email but Kevin refused due to security reasons and sensitive questions. I then called him with Google voice, he clearly had no idea what was going on, just kept shutting me off with the same wrong tracking number. Before hanging up the call, he promised me to email me back on Monday the 17th with more updates. I waited the whole day on the 17th, no email, I finally called him at around 7pm PST, I may not sound pleasant because, obviously, I'm out of a functioning phone for more than 2 months but Kevin, rather than following up on the situation and trying to resolve the problem, he still insists on the tracking number they gave me was correct. I tried explaining to him to simply check with Purolator and he will understand what I meant by the shipment was not addressed to me. He kept on saying how everything is connected on their system and refused the fact that there's obviously something wrong with their system. Kevin promised to email me the update today (Feb 18th), I did not get anything. I called again just now and Kevin was on a call with another client, I don't know how long this unpleasant experience will last, what I'm sure is I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER SONY XPERIA.
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    Hai nice knowing you, u are not alone facing with sony mobile Xperia care bad reputation of service, Check my link, I am from indonesia and belive me, after you read my link u will start to think twice before buying Sony phone.

    My phone is Z ultra also and right now buying on 4 feb, went dead on 17 March, went to service center, and not a plesent view...

    Here is the Link:







    I want to up load customer complain on media like newspaper many links which there is a limmit in word in this reply....