Z5 Premium Lost Identity

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    I hope someone out there can help. I was trying to load Moonbreaker custom ROM on my Z5 Premium E6883 dual SIM. Boot loader unlocked and rooted. Seems the Moonbreaker ROM was not really for E6883 and somehow changed the phone’s ID to E6653. Very dumb situation. I can get the phone to work very unstably as E6653 using Flashtool and a stock Sony ROM but it’s not a good setup. Is there a known way of returning the phone to E6883 so I can either return it to standard or install a guaranteed E6883 custom ROM? An ideal ROM would be one which covers both E66xx and E68xx with a selection at first install. Am I asking too much? TWRP still works too. As for editing ROMs and img files I have no experience of how to do that. So appreciate quite detailed help if anyone has the skill. Thanks.