Xperia PLAY already Gameloft’s top Android platform

by XB on 15th April 2011

in Games, Xperia PLAY

GameloftCallum Rowley, Gameloft’s Digital Marketing and Community Manager has revealed that the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY is already one of the top selling devices for its games, just two weeks after release.

Speaking to PlayStation LifeStyle, Rowley said that even in the very first weekend the Xperia PLAY was already “a top device for us in terms of number of games being sold.” He went on to say that it’s “overtaken pretty much all the other Android devices already.”

This is an impressive result and whilst our sources point to higher sales of the Xperia arc overall, those buying the Xperia PLAY have a higher propensity to buy games. Clearly some of this will be the novelty factor and we expect momentum to die down a bit but Rowley reckons that this honeymoon period will last for at least a few months. Gameloft plans to release two new games a month for the next few months.

Via PlayStation LifeStyle.

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