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by XB on 10th June 2011

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Amira from Desert WindsSony Ericsson and its developer partners have been showing off a number of timed exclusive titles for the Xperia PLAY over at the E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles this week. Rather than post on each one, we’ve amalgamated some of the main titles and embedded the videos in our roundup below.

The list includes three new PS One Classics in the form of Jet Moto, Hot Shots Golf 2 and Wipeout. Yes, they are not in the same calibre as Gran Turismo, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy VII or Metal Gear Solid, but hopefully we’ll see the bigger PS One hits at some point. Click through below for some of the third-party titles coming to the Xperia PLAY shortly.

Cracking Sands

This is a desert racing game with fully customisable karts, downloadable extra tracks, ghost racing and Facebook integration. This will be hitting the Xperia PLAY later this year.


Desert Winds

This is about Amira, a princess looking to avenge the death of her parents and regain her desert kingdom. See the trailer and some gameplay footage below.



Pocket Legends

This mobile MMO is already announced, but the team behind the game (Spacetime Studios) will be working on an optimised version for the Xperia PLAY. At times during E3 they activated a green Droid in the online world that hives our Xperia PLAY buttons to those players that wave at him. Check out the video below.


Reckless Racing: Getaway

If you’ve played Reckless Racing you’ll know how much fun this next version is likely to be. Check out the trailer below.



We’ve already seen a few videos of Minecraft, but the one below includes a video with the two heads of developer Mojang, Markus “Notch” Persson and Carl Manneh. There’s also some footage of the game itself running in beta.


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