Xperia arc housing suffering from cracks – widespread issue?

by XB on 1st July 2011

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Xperia arc housing suffering from cracksOver the last few days, reports are popping up on a number of boards that the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc may be suffering from a problem with the body of the handset. People are complaining of cracks or tiny hairline fractures most commonly found near the light sensor on the front of the phone.

We checked out our own Xperia arc and lo-and-behold we also had a very small fracture in the same place. We should say that we had not noticed this issue before it was flagged to us and it was tricky to even capture a photo of it. However, others have had more prominent cracks manifesting. We should also add that our handset has been in a protective case since day one and has never been dropped.

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We do wonder whether this small line could be part of the moulding process i.e. a knit line. What this means is that this line may just be a weld line for when the plastic meets together around the sensor. If not, SE may have a serious problem on its hands. We wanted to get a sense of how widespread this issue is, so please vote in our poll below if you own an Xperia arc and let us know if you’re seeing the same issue. Judging by the response in various threads, the Misty Silver Xperia arc seems to be suffering from this issue much less than the Midnight Blue version. We have created options below depending on which colour of handset you have.

Does your Xperia arc suffer from any cracks in the housing?

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More photo examples taken from xda-developers

Xperia arc housing suffering from cracks

Xperia arc housing suffering from cracks

Xperia arc housing suffering from cracks

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