Sony Ericsson LiveDock – use your mouse and keyboard to control your phone [Video]

by XB on 23rd August 2011

in Accessories, Videos

Sony Ericsson LiveDockThe Sony Ericsson LiveDock is due to launch imminently. As you would expect the dock includes the ability to charge your phone or perhaps use it as a stand to watch videos. It also allows you to launch a specific app automatically from the LiveWare manager application such as a desk clock or photo slideshow.

However, another cool feature is the ability to control your handset via a mouse and keyboard. Rog from SE-First aptly demonstrates this in the video below, where he connects a keyboard and mouse to the dock to control an Xperia ray. This allows you to write text very fast. It’s probably a gimmick more than anything but it’s still cool to watch nonetheless.


Via SE-First.

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