Android 2.3.4 heading to new Xperia range in October [Video]

by XB on 25th August 2011

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3D Sweep PanoramaBack in May, we reported that Sony Ericsson were planning to update the 2011 Xperia range to Android 2.3.4 starting from October 2011. Lo and behold this is exactly what they’ve announced this morning. Along with the Android 2.3.4 update, Sony Ericsson will include a new 3D panorama feature and further enhancements to Facebook inside Xperia.

One of the big new features of Android 2.3.4 is that it will allow video chat through Google Talk. If you already use Skype or some other service this is unlikely to mean too much to you. The new Facebook inside Xperia features include the ability to share apps and games with friends/family.

There will also be camera improvements in the form of 3D sweep panorama technology. This means that images can be both captured and viewed in 3D once connected to an appropriate 3D TV via HDMI. For a detailed look at this including some sample images check out SE-First.

Other software improvements include swipe text input (we assume this is Sony Ericsson’s version of Swype), screen capture (take a screen grab from anywhere in the phone) and the ability to control your phone via USB peripherals through the Sony Ericsson LiveDock as seen here. See a hands-on of the new firmware in the video below.


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