First 25 games for Playstation Certified devices detailed; watch the PS Suite TGS keynote

by XB on 19th September 2011

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Jet MotoLast week we brought you news straight out of the Tokyo Games Show about the Playstation Suite SDK. We told you the PS Suite SDK will launch in November with games arriving in Spring 2012. Tucked away in the press release was also some vague news about Sony introducing content for PS Certified devices via the Playstation Store on the Playstation Network at the end of October.

We now have some further news on the latter. Famitsu has managed to get hold of a list of the first 25 titles that will launch on the Playstation Store for PS Certified devices. As we suspected some of these are already available on the Xperia PLAY (Crash Bandicoot for example), but there are some new ones too. This list is likely to be specific to Japan so we imagine it will change slightly for western consumers. You can see the full list after the jump, along with the Playstation Suite keynote from TGS. This includes the part where they show Zero Gravity being demoed on both the Playstation Vita and Xperia PLAY. As you will see, the performance across both devices is very similar.

List of 25 games on the Playstation Store for PS Certified devices

– Arc the Lad
– Addie’s Present
– Alundra
– Gunner’s Heaven
– Ganbare Morikawa-kun 2nd
– Crime Crackers
– Crash Bandicoot
– Jet Moto
– Tiny Bullets
– Destruction Derby
– Docchimo Mechamecha
– Bealphareth
– PoPoLoCrois
– Magical Dice Kids
– Everybody’s Golf 2
– MediEvil
– Rally Cross
– Wild Arms
– Wild Arms 2nd Ignition
– KulaQuest
– I.Q Intelligent Qube
– Jumping Flash
– XI[sai]

PS Suite TGS keynote


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