Sony Ericsson is “patent safe” according to CEO

by XB on 4th October 2011

in Android

Patent Pending StampIf you follow the wider technology scene, you’ve no doubt heard the current patent wars that are taking place with the major smartphone players such as Apple, Samsung and others. Sony Ericsson does not expect to become drawn into these legal battles and is “one of the most patent safe companies around,” according to CEO Bert Nordberg.

Apart from our own 6,000 patents, we’re licensed to use the combined patent portfolios of both our owners, Sony and Ericsson,” said Nordberg. This means that it can normally solve patent issues via cross licensing arrangements i.e. using other manufacturer’s patents in exchange for SE technology.

Nordberg also went on to say that he understood the reasoning behind Google’s acquisition of Motorola. “I’m utterly convinced that the reason Google purchased Motorola was because of patents, and in that light I’m sincerely positive about this deal,” he said.

Despite this positivity, Nordberg warns Google that it needs to remain unbiased when it comes to its relationship with Motorola. “It’s important that Google erects a Chinese Wall between itself and Motorola and that Google makes sure not to grant Motorola any advantages.”

Via WSJ.

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