DroidMote now supports Xperia PLAY; use it to control games on an Android tablet

by XB on 30th November 2011

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DroidMote Xperia PLAYSome of you may be aware of an app called DroidMote, which allows you to remotely control an Android tablet device using your Android smartphone. Droidmote consists of two apps, 1) the DroidMote Client (the remote device such as the Xperia PLAY) and 2) the DroidMote Server (installed onto a rooted tablet). Well the DroidMote Client was recently updated to support the Xperia PLAY.

What this theoretically means is that you could connect an Android tablet to your TV and use your Xperia PLAY to control the gaming action via DroidMote. Obviously a pricey solution compared to using a normal joypad, but at least you have the option. The client app is free to download, whilst the server app will set you back just $2.23 (£1.30) in the Android Market. See a video of how DroidMote works below.


Via Droid Gamers.

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