Xperia PLAY supports 64GB microSD memory cards

by XB on 14th December 2011

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64GB microSDXCSony Ericsson’s official spec sheet for the Xperia PLAY says that the handset can support microSD capacities up to 32GB. However, given that memory card prices are slowly coming down in price, there may be some of you thinking about splashing money on a 64GB memory card. If you’ve been wondering whether the 64GB microSDXC card is compatible with your Xperia you need to worry no more.

A user over at xda-developers has confirmed that the Sandisk version is indeed compatible with the Xperia PLAY. He also posted a couple of screens as proof (see below). It looks like Sony Ericsson probably need to update their product specifications, as if it’s working on the Xperia PLAY it is likely to work across the Xperia range. The 64GB cards aren’t cheap though and if you’re a Sony Ericsson fan it’s worth noting that all evidence is pointing to next year’s flagship Xperia models not having any microSD memory card support.

Xperia PLAY supports 64GB microSD memory cards

Xperia PLAY supports 64GB microSD memory cards

Via xda-developers.

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