Spot the unreleased Xperia handsets

by XB on 15th January 2012

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Mystery Xperia devicesCheck out the fantastic image below. It includes fifteen Sony Ericsson handsets and if you look closely enough you’ll notice that there are at least a couple of unannounced Sony Xperia handsets in the line-up. The picture was uploaded to a Swedish classifieds website but has since been removed.

The red arrows point to one handset that we haven’t seen so far (we assume that it is the same device that both arrows point to). However, we also get a sneak peak at LT22i Nypon in the far right of the middle row. The middle handset in the bottom row also looks new. At first glance it looks almost exactly the same as the Xperia S, but the front facing camera is in the wrong side of the phone. It also looks longer than the Xperia S.

Other handsets include the Xperia S, Xperia arc S, Xperia Pro and older handsets such as the Xperia X2, Satio and Yari. There is also the cancelled SK19i in the picture towards the bottom right. Brownie points for those who can guess every announced phone in the picture.

Mystery Xperia devices

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