The Xperia S is not delayed, it was always scheduled for early March 2012 and it still is

by XB on 31st January 2012

in Xperia S

Xperia SQuick rant. There have been a lot of sites reporting that the Sony Xperia S has been “delayed”. This is pure nonsense. Sony (Ericsson) had always set a launch date of early March and this remains the case today. This was confirmed to us today by the company.

The confusion surrounded initially listing the launch date as the 30 January. We purposely didn’t report on this as we knew this date was pure fantasy. Yesterday, revised the launch date to 13 February, prompting some sites to report the phone had been ‘delayed’. Obviously it cannot be delayed if the original launch date was so wrong in the first place. have now seen sense and listed the launch date as 6 March 2012 – broadly in line with other retailers. Rant over.

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