Xperia PLAY games roundup: Week of 6 February 2012

by XB on 12th February 2012

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The main Xperia PLAY gaming talking point over the last week has been the update for Minecraft Pocket Edition. It basically introduces the long-awaited for Survival Mode as well as a number of other additions. The latest in the action RPG ZENONIA series was also introduced, fully Xperia PLAY optimised. Click through for all of the main news.

Billabong Surf Trip released – We first heard of this Xperia PLAY optimised title from the recent partnership with Sony (Ericsson) and Billabong. As the name suggests, the title brings surfing to the Xperia PLAY where you fight your way to become an ultimate pro-surfing champion. The game features 15 real locations from the World Champion Surf Tour and 18 unique tricks to master to rise to the top. The game is available on the Android Market and will set you back £2.09.

Gun Strike updated for Xperia PLAY – Fun arcade shooter Gun Strike has now been updated to bring Xperia PLAY customisation. The game features 70 levels across seven maps and seventeen different weapons. The game is available on the Android Market right now for £0.63.

Minecraft Pocket Edition updated with Survival Mode – Minecraft PE has received an update bringing Survival Mode. With this comes day and night changes so that you can actually fight off the monsters at night. Other additions include new blocks (doors, fences and fence gates), flying in Creative mode, sheep as well, the ability to gather resources from nature and tools for fighting and gathering. Mojang still needs to add crafting, although we imagine that’s pegged for a future update. The real Minecraft starts here for many people.

ZENONIA 4: Return of the Legend released – GAMEVIL’s ZENONIA action RPG series is renowned on mobile devices and the latest edition, ZENONIA 4: Return of the Legend, has just been launched on Android. The game features HD graphics and a new upgraded combo system. Of course, you have the usual features that have defined the series so far such as the PvP arena (a new a 2-on-2 arena battle mode has been introduced too), character customisation and varying difficulty levels. The game is out now for free on the Android Market.


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