Xperia S 1080p HD concert video sample (Update)

by XB on 20th February 2012

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25 hours XperiaShooting video at a concert must be one of the most demanding tests of any camcorder, let alone smartphone. Typically you will be faced with a very loud, low-light environment that means trying to capture decent footage can be very challenging. If you want to see how the Sony Xperia S fares in one such live concert check out the video below.

The 5-minute 1080p footage was taken from two Xperia S handsets in the crowd and seems to do a good job under the low light conditions. The sound quality is also very good, especially given the close proximity to the stage. If you’re interested the band in question is a popular Thai indie band called 25 hours. Click the YouTube button on the video below to be taken to the YouTube site to watch it in 1080p.

Update: It looks like SonyEricssonThai has made the video private for some reason. Frustrating.

Update 2: We’ve posted another version that seems to be working. Thanks Somphol!


If you’re interested, here’s one of 25 hours official music videos. It has close to 10 million views.


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