Sony’s TransferJet technology heading to future Xperia phones?

by XB on 23rd February 2012

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TransferJet XperiaSony may be looking to kick-start TransferJet, its close-proximity wireless transfer technology, by including it in future Android smartphones. Sony announced today that it has commercialised a new TransferJet-compatible chipset, the “CXD3271GW” LSI (large-scale integrated circuit) that is ideally suited to smartphones.

If you’re trying to understand what TransferJet is, think of it as high bandwidth version of NFC. This particular LSI is capable of a transmission speed of 350Mbps. This means you could easily transfer high definition videos or high resolution photos from a phone to a laptop, simply by touching it.

The sample chip is not due to ship before August 2012, so we wouldn’t expect to see any phones supporting the chipset until the end of the year at the earliest. To try and speed up the adoption of this LSI Sony is also providing an Android SDK (software development kit) to manufacturers. Sony hasn’t officially said that this technology will appear in its smartphones, but given that it developed TransferJet, it’s probably a shoe-in that we’ll see future Xperia devices carrying this tech. If you want a better idea of exactly what TransferJet does, see the video below.


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