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by XB on 27th February 2012

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WhiteMagic XperiaOne of the headline features of the Sony Xperia P is the inclusion of a 4-inch WhiteMagic qHD display. As the name suggests, WhiteMagic adds a white sub pixel to the traditional RGB (red, green and blue) pixels found in a traditional LCD. This four sub-pixel display (RGBW), combined with advanced algorithms, results in a display that is twice as bright using the “outdoor mode” and up to twice as power efficient using the “indoor mode” over traditional LCDs.

The way this works is that the backlight can pass through just the white pixel to represent a white colour. Traditionally, the backlight would have had to pass through all three sub-pixels in the right proportion. The Xperia P comes equipped with a sensor that will automatically adjust the settings between the outdoor mode and indoor mode to optimise the display’s power efficiency. Thankfully though you can also manually override the levels of brightness in the outdoor/indoor mode.

WhiteMagic RGBW (red, green blue and white) horizontal sub-pixel alignment

WhiteMagic display

Normal LCD versus WhiteMagic LCD

Sony says that the Xperia P is one of the brightest phones on the market. It is capable of 935 candela per square meter (cd/m2) , more than any other phone with the same pixel density.

WhiteMagic display

Note: cd/m2 means candela per square meter.

Via Sony Developer World.

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