Real-life Reckless Racing is Xperia Studio’s latest project

by XB on 5th March 2012

in Games, Videos, Xperia PLAY, Xperia S

Reckless Racing XperiaThe Xperia Studio has created some pretty fantastic projects in the past using Sony Xperia handsets including using a flamethrower for flash photography, controlling a remote-controlled boat with GPS, using an app to capture the invisible universe and filming a horror invasion movie. The latest project sees the Xperia Studio bods recreating the ‘Reckless Racing’ game for real.

Dr. James Brighton, car engineer extraordinaire, modded two real life MGF sports cars so that they could be controlled remotely. Sony Mobile then invited Martin Noriander Co-Founder of Pixelbite who created the Reckless Racing game and Hunter Skipworth, journalist at Pocket-Lint to race each other on a specially designed dirt track. They used an Xperia PLAY and Xperia S to control the cars, click through to find out who won.



Via Sony Mobile and Pocket-Lint.

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