Xperia P hands-on: Mammoth roundup [Video]

by XB on 8th March 2012

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Xperia PThe dust has now settled from MWC and the new Sony Xperia announcements, so we thought it would be a perfect time bring you our usual roundup of impressions from the big sites, this time for the Xperia P (the Xperia U roundup will follow later).

We’ve already posted our initial impressions, but if you want to see what the other tech sites had to say about the Xperia P then check out the snippets and videos below. Click through for the full roundup.

Xperia P hands-on roundup

Android Central “It’s powered by the same dual-core chip as the Xperia U, but sports an aluminium chassis that feels great, and fits really nicely in the hand. With 4 inches of qHD resolution, the Xperia P’s screen should represent a nice balance for mid-range buyers, too.”


Cnet “The Xperia P looks like it’ll be a perfectly respectable Android phone that won’t leave you bankrupt, and a good quality camera is always a bonus. It is a shame it won’t be running Ice Cream Sandwich straight out of the box, but if Sony holds true to its update timeframe you shouldn’t have long to wait.”

Electronista “From a pure design perspective, it’s clever. The aluminium unibody at once feels well put together and absurdly light. Control-wise, though, it’s somewhat off. The bottom aluminium below the transparency also acts as touch controls, at least on the prototype we tested. It wasn’t hard to accidentally back up a page on the web or go back to the home screen when you were just cupping the phone. it’s a solid choice for a mid-tier Android phone, but we’d seriously consider a Galaxy S II now that the price has dropped. Sony has the camera and resolution advantages, but we’ll take speed and the better control scheme from Samsung.

Engadget “Truthfully, the P isn’t the curveball wonder we saw Sony deliver at CES with the S, but it doesn’t need to be. Armed with a decent mix of specs, reassuring build and that backing of its content ecosystem, this device should make a smart choice for consumers looking for an enduring workhorse imbued with subtle flair.”

IntoMobile “The first thing you notice with the Xperia P is its unibody aluminium design that feels nice in your hand. It ships with Android 2.3.7 (ICS upgradeable) and its performance is smooth, but it just feels sluggish compared to the quad-core offerings from LG and Huawei. Overall, the Xperia P is a nice phone, but not a great one.”

PhoneArena “It goes without saying that the 4-inch qHD display on the Sony Xperia P is one of its standout features. Enhanced with WhiteMagic technology, it delivers an impressive brightness of 1000 nits, meaning that it should remain clearly visible even in broad daylight.”


PocketNow “We really liked the build quality and the direction the company is taking design-wise, especially the unibody aluminium design.”



Slashgear ” The middle model in Sony’s NXT line-up, the P gets some of the S’ expansive screen but shares some of the U’s pocket-friendliness. It’s also one of the more sturdy devices we’ve played with. Unfortunately there’s no light-up strip, as on the Xperia U, but you do get a slick anodized aluminium chassis and it’s relatively slimline. Android runs swiftly on the dual-core processor.”

TechRadar “We’re looking at a phone that might be designed for the middle-of-the-road when it comes to pricing, but there’s a whole lot more under the hood when you look at the specs. It also feels slightly plastic-like too, which is a bit odd for something hewn in the way it is, but it’s not the end of the world and the Xperia P isn’t without a premium feel to it.”

Trusted Reviews ” The Sony Xperia P is an attractive handset with a simple design that has just enough flair to set it apart. The physical form of the handset is very simple with just a gently curved back and a very starkly rectangular front. It’s nothing fancy but it looks good and more importantly feels good too. This is not just because it generally feels well put-together but is also down to its anodised aluminium back. The Sony Xperia P pretty much holds up to its billing. It’s attractive, well built and easy to use but doesn’t necessarily do anything to set the pulse racing.”

The Verge “All in all, it’s a pretty nice phone, but the skin definitely seems a little fussy, and the lack of Ice Cream Sandwich is always a downer. It certainly looks beautiful, with super sharp text, excellent contrast, and solid viewing angles.”

Unwired View “It’s interesting that Sony brought the blocky corners to the rest of the world (meaning outside Japan – where many smartphones have the same corner design or similar), so I appreciate it going for recognizability. And while that will make you instantly say “hey, that’s a Sony” the problem is that you’ll never know which Sony. Not for sure, anyway.”


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