Xperia S battery can be changed if you really need to

by XB on 12th March 2012

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Xperia S_batteryThe new Sony Xperia S smartphone has an ‘embedded’ 1750mAh capacity battery. The fact that the battery cannot be changed easily has annoyed some who like to use higher capacity third-party batteries or like to carry a spare on long journeys. Well it seems that the battery is not embedded in the strictest sense. You can access it by removing the screws on the back cover (including a few torx screws) and then prising the chassis open.

The battery looks like a typical Sony (Ericsson) one from years gone by, although as you can see in the pictures the battery capacity is listed as 1700mAh (minimum). This is correct as Sony Mobile has listed the battery specs as 1750mAh (typical) and 1700mAh (min).

The video below shows the battery removed, although this user had already taken out the screws prior to opening the handset. It shows that the battery can be easily removed. It doesn’t mean you’ll be able to use a third-party battery neither does it mean you’ll be able to carry a spare given the arduous process of replacing it. However, it does mean that you can replace it if at some point down the line if the battery is losing charge.


Xperia S_battery

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