Wes Anderson in the director’s chair for new global Xperia campaign

by XB on 19th March 2012

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Sony Mobile has managed to get Wes Anderson on board to direct its latest advert. This is a global Xperia print and television campaign entitled ‘Made of Imagination’. For those that don’t know, Wes Anderson has directed a number of critical hits including The Royal Tenenbaums, The Darjeeling Limited and more recently Fantastic Mr. Fox.

The full 60-second commercial will go live on Saturday 24th March, although you can catch a teaser below. The advert will feature a very cute little robot and uses stop motion animation (much like the Fantastic Mr. Fox). Apparently the advert took 10,000 man hours to make and included nine custom sets and 37 hand-crafted models.

This is only the first phase of the Made of Imagination campaign, which will roll out over the course of 2012. The campaign is meant to create awareness around Sony’s return to the smartphone market as well as Sony’s connected experiences that are “brought to life by Xperia smartphones.” The print campaign will first appear in Europe before rolling out globally.


Xperia Made in Imagination

Xperia Made in Imagination

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