Sony Mobile files patent for a “sensor-equipped” display

by XB on 22nd March 2012

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Following on from last week’s news that Sony Mobile was looking to secure a patent to control your mobile via “head movement”, it now has another up its sleeve. Sony Mobile has filed a patent for a sensor-equipped display. This basically includes a light-transmissive display made out of an opaque material behind which a sensor would sit.

The idea is that you could place a sensor such as a front-facing camera, proximity sensor, illuminance sensor or fingerprint sensor behind the display. As the display is light-transmissive it would be able to detect light passing through it. This would mean that Sony could use more real estate for the display and less for worrying about room for the sensors that normally sit at the top of the phone. We don’t know how well this would work in practice but it sounds very interesting nonetheless.

Sony Mobile patent

Via Unwired View.

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