New Xperia phones will come to market twice as quick

by XB on 13th April 2012

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Sony Mobile has been criticised in the past for being behind the curve when it comes to having the latest hardware in its phones. Most Android manufacturers had released dual-core phones last year, whereas Sony Mobile had none. Even this year, as Sony launched the dual-core Xperia S other manufacturers were announcing quad-core offerings.

Well Sony is not sitting on its laurels and plans to speed up the process to bring its Xperia phones to market. Sony President & CEO Kazuo Hirai confirmed this on a call to investors following yesterday’s strategic review. “I talked about some of the initiatives that we’ve embarked on in the time-to-market area where we are literally cutting by half the time to market for the Xperia smartphones“, said Hirai.

He cited this as one of the key reasons how Sony Mobile will gain future market share. “So it’s those kinds of improvements, number one, and again making sure that we have products that really consumers will appreciate and bringing it quickly to market, and that’s going to be very key in making sure that we gain more traction in the mobile space than we’ve had before“, said Hirai.

This is great news for Xperia fans and means that upcoming Xperia phones should be more competitive going forward. Obviously, Sony has only just started executing on this strategy therefore we’re unlikely to see the benefits of this until calendar 2013 at the earliest.

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