Sony Mobile to unveil new devices at CommunicAsia 2012?

by XB on 6th June 2012

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We have heard that Sony Mobile will be announcing some new devices at the forthcoming CommunicAsia technology trade show in Singapore. The event takes place between 19-22 June 2012, although we don’t know exactly which day Sony Mobile will be holding its press conference.

The news doesn’t surprise us. Sony (Ericsson) traditionally used this event to announce new devices. Back in 2010 it announced the Xperia X8, whilst last year it announced both the Xperia ray and Xperia active at CommunicAsia.

Meanwhile, a popular Philippines online retailer has said that it received word from Sony Mobile Philippines that the company is planning to release seven additional smartphones this summer. This is over and above the Xperia P, S, U and sola. Even if you take into account the Xperia go and acro S, that’s an additional five phones that could be announced in the next few months, the bulk of which we could potentially hear about at CommunicAsia.

The rumoured model numbers we have come across so far include the following: Sony LT29i
Sony ST26i, Sony ST23i, Sony ST21i, Sony ST21i2 and Sony WT23i. The 4.6-inch LT29i Hayabusa’ is obviously the highlight, likely to mirror the specs of the Japanese Xperia GX. We don’t know too much about the ST26i and ST23i, but the other models are likely to be entry-level models. As soon as we hear any new details we’ll keep you posted.

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