Sony Mobile to announce new handsets on 22 June – or earlier depending on you

by XB on 11th June 2012

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Sony Mobile has revealed that the surprise it had in store for us this morning, was in fact a countdown to the announcement for the next Sony Xperia handset(s). Sony Mobile is running a Facebook countdown where if users click the “Fast Forward” button the announcement reveal will move forward from its currently planned date of 22 June 2012.

Users can click “Fast Forward” once each day and as we write this post 2,102 fans have moved the announcement forward by 0 days, 11 hours, 42 minutes & 20 seconds. Interestingly, on the same page Sony is running a competition and under the “Win the next Xperia” banner there are four boxes with a padlock on each. To us this suggests that Sony may be looking to announce four new devices. We’ll have to wait until next week to be sure, but either way, head over to the page now and click “Fast Forward” to unveil these new Xperia phones ASAP.

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