PlayStation Mobile will keep “junk” apps at bay

by XB on 15th June 2012

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PlayStation MobileThe European boss of Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE), Jim Ryan, has said that it will avoid diluting the quality of apps offered on PlayStation Mobile (previously known as PlayStation Suite). “[We’re] ensuring that anything that is offered on this platform is of proper PlayStation quality and that people feel comfortable and safe that they are not going to inadvertently stumble upon any of the junk that exists in that wider marketplace,” said Ryan.

He went on to say that “it’s our brand that’s at risk,” if they don’t keep an eye on what games are being approved. Content will have to reach a certain standard of quality to be associated with the PlayStation brand. “It’s a significant business challenge because it’s our brand that’s at risk here and it’s our responsibility as a platform holder in multiple directions to ensure we do that. Can we be completely laissez faire? I don’t think so because then we’ll end up just like all the rest and that can’t happen,” he said.

Jim Ryan went on to say that “there are many internal ways in which we’ll achieve this and many of which are still work in progress. If we get it right it could be very significant. We see this as a real opportunity. It builds the ecosystem and gets us everywhere. In the same way that PSone consumers migrated up to PS2 and PS2 consumers in even larger numbers migrated up to PlayStation 3, we see this as bringing in consumers who might not otherwise be exposed to our brand because they haven’t made the investment in buying the console. They get an opportunity to get involved in PlayStation and sample its world and if we do this right that migration process is likely to be a very happy consequence of going down this road.”

PlayStation Mobile is currently in an open beta with developers having access to a free SDK (software development kit). He confirmed that there are over 50 developers currently working on content for PlayStation Mobile. There are a number of PlayStation Certified handsets that will take advantage of PlayStation Mobile including the Xperia arc, Xperia acro, Xperia PLAY, Xperia acro HD, Xperia S, Xperia ion, Xperia GX, Xperia SX, Xperia acro S and Tablet S and Tablet P from Sony’s stable of smartphones and tablets. HTC One smartphones (One X, One S, and One V) will also be PlayStation Certified. There has been no official launch date for PlayStation Mobile although Sony expect to see it release at some point later this year.

Via GamesIndustry International.

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