Gild Design Solid Bumper for Xperia S is not for the cheap [Video]

by XB on 30th July 2012

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Japanese company Gild Design makes some lovely aluminium bumpers for a range of best-selling Japanese handsets. As the name suggests, these are bumpers only and not a case for the phone as they leave the display and rear of the handset exposed. Not that it should matter too much as the build quality and construction means your phone is unlikely to get damaged with one of these bad-boys attached to it (see the videos below).

The company prides itself with the fact that all of the parts are made in Japan this includes the aluminium, screws and silicone. They have been crafted from 12mm Duralumin to the exact dimensions of your Xperia handset (bumpers are made for four models: the Xperia S/NX, Xperia acro HD/acro S, Xperia arc/arc S and Xperia acro). It also has low rebound resistant silicon sheet rubber on its inside to protect the phone from shocks.

The bumpers aren’t cheap though coming in at 10,000 Yen. They also have an eBay shop with some great feedback from what seems like some very satisfied customers. They ship worldwide through eBay and it will cost you $128 plus $10 shipping. One for those with fat wallets maybe, but at least you know there’s a very good chance no one else will have anything similar!



Solid Bumper for Sony Xperia S/NX

Solid Bumper for Sony Xperia acro HD/acro S

Solid Bumper for Sony Ericsson Xperia arc/arc S

Solid Bumper for Sony Ericsson Xperia acro

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