Charging Dock DK25 for Xperia V: Charge handset without opening port flap

by XB on 30th August 2012

in Accessories, Xperia V

The Sony Xperia V (LT25i) appears to be the most attractive of the new handsets on offer, it’s certainly a close call between the Xperia V and Xperia T. One of our biggest issues with some phones though is port flaps that annoyingly mean you have to fiddle with them each time you want to charge your handset. The Sony Xperia V does have these flaps covering its ports although it’s for good reason, i.e. the phone is water resistant.

Sony has worked round this and created the DK25 Charging Dock. From what we can tell this is a charging dock only rather than a media/TV dock but one big advantage is that it can charge the Sony Xperia V without you having to remove the port flap cover. A great accessory to have if you’re considering the Sony Xperia V.

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