Sony’s media applications detailed on video

by XB on 30th August 2012

in Accessories, Applications, Videos

Sony Mobile has shared a couple of videos that show off its media applications (Walkman, Album and Movies). It emphasises playing, recommending, sharing and discovering media through its apps. Most of the functionality in the video already exists in the latest incarnations of these apps.

Sony also shows off its one-touch functionality where, for example, you can share photos by touching two Xperia handsets together. Or you could one-touch the phone with the Wireless speaker SRS-BTV5 or Wireless speaker SRS-BTM8 to start playing your favourite tracks. These speakers also allow you to share a call with others in the room.

Another feature shown off in the videos is the ability to ‘throw’ photos and video to a big screen TV. This ‘Throw’ feature is in the new UI for these apps as we couldn’t find it in the current versions. We imagine that you will be able to do this via Screen Mirroring which we touched on earlier.



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