Xperia Link: Easily connect your tablet online using your phone

by XB on 30th August 2012

in Applications

Do you remember us reporting about ‘Xperia Link‘ being trademarked back in July? Well now we know what it was for. Xperia Link lets you connect to the Internet from your Android tablet using the network connection of your phone.

To do this, the Xperia Link app needs to be launched on both devices. Then to link a new device you need to simply scan the QR code the tablet gives you with your Xperia Link app on your smartphone and hey presto your devices are linked. Once they are linked, you can easily share the internet connection between the devices without having to connect manually (i.e. setting a password, enabling hotspot etc). Sounds like another cool feature Sony is rolling out to make our lives easier.

Xperia Link

Thanks @AmbroosV!

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