Sony Mobile website hacked?

by XB on 4th September 2012

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Hacktivist group Nullcrew claims that it hacked into and claimed control of eight Sony servers related to The attack was able to take place due to weak security according to Nullcrew. The group released the following statement in a dumped file on Pastebin:

Sony, we are dearly disappointed in your security. This is just one of eight Sony servers that we have control of. Maybe, just maybe considering IP addresses are available. Maybe, just maybe it’s the fact that not even your customers can trust you. Or maybe, just maybe the fact that you cannot do anything correct technologically.

The release on Pastebin shows a list of 441 usernames and email addresses, 24 usernames with hashed passwords and three admin data sets. Sony hasn’t confirmed the breach so far.

Via ZDNet.

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